Run4brain in the COVID-19 era

Due to covid-19, our yearly fundraiser ‘the 20km run in Paris’ has been cancelled and we had to come up with a different concept for our run on 29th of November: Running Apart Together.

We want to keep running despite covid-19 and keep people motivated to start running, especially in COVID-times. To expand the run4brain community, we have initiated a programme for running guidance by an experienced and professional Running Coach. Participants will be trained by Tomas Valcke and his team (de Loopcoach) to reach a target of 5, 10 or 20 km. The team will virtually guide all participants who subscribe to the programme. Both starters and experienced runners will be coached on a 2-weekly basis. During the coaching sessions, advice on training and nutrition, tips&tricks will be provided; answers to questions you may have, addressed. Subscription costs are €20 for adults, €15 for students and free for all minors, but participants commit to gathering sponsors for their running efforts.

To fulfill the challenge to gather 100.000€ for Ghent University Hospital we already organized the run on 29th of November, and are organizing another one on Sunday March 21st, 2021. The aim of our running activities is to raise money to bring an innovative medical technology called 'FUS' therapy to Ghent University Hospital. The running events are a little bit different than other years due to COVID-19, but unpredictable times call for flexible measures. 

Running events 2020 - 2021

Our next run is scheduled for 21st of March 2021. More information coming soon.

The funding of 2020 will continue until the end of March 2021. We keep on running with new goals in 2021. Please mark these dates in your agenda:

  • Sunday 21st March 2021 - Ghent
  • Sunday 10th October 2021 - Paris
  • Sunday 28th November 2021 - Ghent