Creating a run4brain community in the COVID-19 era

Due to covid-19, our yearly fundraiser ‘the 20km run in Paris’ has been cancelled. We want to keep running despite covid-19 and keep people motivated to start running, especially in COVID-times. To expand the run4brain community, we have initiated a programme for running guidance by an experienced and professional Running Coach. Participants will be trained by Tomas Valcke and his team (de Loopcoach) to reach a target of 10 or 20 km. The team will virtually guide all participants who subscribe to the programme. Both starters and experienced runners will be coached on a 2-weekly basis. During the coaching sessions, advice on training and nutrition, tips&tricks will be provided; answer to questions you may have, addressed. Subscription costs are €20 for adults, €15 for students and free for all minors, but participants commit to gathering sponsors for their running efforts.

To fulfill the 2020 challenge to gather 100.000€ for Ghent University Hospital we are organizing a run for our subscribed runners in the vicinity of Ghent University Hospital on Sunday November 29th, 2020. The run will be non-competitive and totally coronaproof; timeslots for every runner between 9AM and 12AM will be arranged for. Bubbles of max 10 runners will run a 10km-trail; Advanced runners may run 2 tours of 10km and reach a ½ marathon goal.

Nevertheless, since these are unpredictable times, we want to take on a flexible approach and have already planned back-up dates in case COVID-19 official measures prohibit a run on the 29th of November. Please mark these dates in your agenda as well:

  • Sunday 21st March 2021 - Ghent
  • Sunday 10th October 2021 – Paris
  • Sunday 28th November 2021 – Ghent

The aim of this year’s running activities is to raise money to bring an innovative medical called 'FUS' therapy to Ghent University Hospital.