4brain is a non-profit organization that aims to inform the broad public on how to maintain a healthy brain. We also help to raise awareness on brain disorders and what you can do to preserve the quality of life for patients suffering from a brain disorder.

One in three people will eventually suffer from brain disease. Yet only 10% of scientific resources are spent on brain research. A significant gap, that can only be filled by private initiatives such as 4Brain. 

Running events

We want to motivate people to start running, as it has been demonstrated scientifically that running has a positive effect on the functioning of our brain and is effective in preventing brain disorders.

Through our running events, 4brain raises funds for research on brain disorders and we support initiatives that improve the quality of life for patients with brain disorders. 

Run4brain in Paris

Every year, Vanessa Delacourt runs the 20km de Paris alongside a team of business leaders and colleagues. In 2020, the run takes place on Sunday the 11th of October. If you feel like joining us, you can already subscribe. We've had two editions so far and raised over € 100.000. The money was used, amongst others, to fund an additional monitoring unit in the Ghent University Hospital.

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